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So, what's the difference between the customs and tradtions of the old archaic Judaic law, versus the customs and traditions of the Christian Church?

From the JREF Forums thread, Humanity Saving Itself ...

It suggests that baptism by water [regarding Matthew 3:1-11] is merely a ritual, and is at most representative of the true baptism which occurs when one repents and is introduced to the Holy Spirit. In other words God communicates to us in our willingness to change, not upon some mere formality which we may or may not comprehend. The formalities are there, yes, but only to serve as a reminder of the inner-relationship we need to establish with God. For example, when Jesus says, "The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath." ~ Mark 2:23-28 Hence the fulfillment of the law, which Jesus says He has come to establish in Matthew 5:17, occurs when it is written on a man's heart, and does not need to be observed traditionally or, in the archaic sense ... which, is why He got so many of the elders of the Jewish Church so angry with Him (who were steeped in the rituals and traditions of Judaism) and, why they hung Him up on a cross.
Doesn't this sound like an attempt to abolish the the formality of the law? If so, then why does the Christian Church place so much emphasis on its own customs and traditions? As a means by which to keep people bound and tied to religion perhaps?
So when the body dies, and consciousness departs, where do "we" go? ... Off to define another "reality" perhaps?
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